Michael Michalsky - Best New German Designer

After seeing some great works, interviews and the fact Michael Michalsky brought the handbag manufacture MCM back to the best spot ever, Maison KELMD Magazine likes to say: 
A big respect for such hard work and -"Congratulations"-, to bring out german fashion into the international world, looking so good. He becames a real top -Germany Fashion Designer- such as
Boss, Escada, Jil Sander, Caren Pfleger, Rena Lange, Strenesse and Wunderkind, to be taken seriously of fashion and lifestyle products. He is the founder and head designer of the fashion label MICHALSKY. He is also the Creative Director of the luxury handbag manufacturer MCM since 2005. 
Michalsky is considered one of Germany’s most influential designers.
Maison KELMD Magazine likes to wish Michael Michalsky to become even bigger, all the best for your future.

Michael Michalsky, Berlin Fashion Week 2012

Michael Michalsky  brings MCM back to the righ spot,