Valerie - A film by Birgit Möller

A Film About A Model By Brigit Möller

Valerie (Agata Buzek) with her Jaguar

Maison KELMD likes to share a touching film,Valerie by director Birgit Möller. It shows a fashion model who trys to get back into fashion business. Valerie, once successful fashion model is stranded in Berlin. She stays at the exclusive Hyatt Hotel, but actually the 29 year old is totally broke. She does not even have enough money to pay the parking fees.
From then on, she sleeps the nights in her car (Jaguar), living like a stowaway in the world of the rich and famous. With charm and smartness, she is trying to survive.Only the parking attendant Andre will witness her double life.The film tells of the descent of a top model of the luxury world in the garage who became a homeless beauty.

Maison KELMD likes to share this great film with you. Something new and taken from  different ponit of view about the run after glamour.
The director Birgit Möller deliberately avoids the usual clichés of such a theme, and is instead focusing on the delicate interplay of the Polish actress Agata Buzek, Valerie gives the same distance and a cool translucent fragility.
The history of "Valerie" is a parable of our society and is a portrait of a generation searching for their place in life. This is the reason why Maison KELMD loves this movie. VALERIE

Valerie (Agata Buzek ) sleeps in her Jaguar
Valerie (Agata Buzek) at the Hyatt Hotel

directed by Birgit Möller


  1. seems like an interesting film..have to check if i can get my hands on it..i am a huge movie buff!